Where You Should Place Your Logo On Your Website, According To Science

Ever wondered how designers decide on the placement of a brand’s logo on the homepage of a website?

The logo usually serves as a way to help you find yourself back to the homepage in an instant after some navigation. It is often found in three places on a page: on the left, in the center, and on the right, although this is rare.
Creative Market has narrow down and focus on left-aligned logos vs centered logos and how this seemingly “small” change in placement can have a massive impact on the site’s user experience.
In a recent study, they concluded that centered logos hurt site navigation. The study author recommends that all logos on a site should lean left because we consistently read from left to right and traditionally, logos have always been positioned on the left-hand side of pages.
Here are the sites that nail it when it comes to good logo placement. For the full article, head over to
Toys R Us. This famous retailer of toys features a logo that’s very much left of center on the homepage and other pages.
Infiniti. Nissan’s luxury vehicle division places its logo way to the very left of the page, in a very striking fashion.
Walmart. Retail giant Walmart’s logo is comfortably placed on the left-hand side of the homepage.

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